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Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo pepper–botanically identical to the silk chili–is a gorgeous condiment that has enough flavor to stand alone as a garnish or to be mixed with other spices like cumin, cayenne, or even sweets. I love using Aleppo pepper to add a touch of smoky, savory to dishes. Or you can use it as the basis for soups and stews. Try sprinkling over your next batch of homemade potato chips or sprinkling over salads.

Ingredients: Cumin, paprika, Morita pepper, coriander, cinnamon, mint, cayenne pepper.

About the maker:
Villa Jerada always has been and always will be a company committed to importing, distributing, and making the highest quality pantry items of the Moroccan and Levantinian repertoire. They hold themselves to the highest standards of small-batch food-making practices, sourcing sustainable, mostly organic products to their packaging to how they distribute their pantry line. Their quality of Moroccan & Levantine has won multiple awards and is unmatched in their celebration of ancestral culinary traditions.

Villa Jerada

2.1-ounce glass jar

Aleppo pepper, oil.

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