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Alubia Beans

Alubia Beans

A small white bean with a nutty and smooth flavor, Alubia beans are perfect when you want a dish where the beans hold their shape. A firm texture, they are perfect in Mediterranean dishes or used in bean salads. Try these wonder beans in a hearty kale and white bean stew.

This batch was harvested in Fall 2021 in Zacatecas, Mexico.

About the maker:
Two sisters, Lesley and Renee, created Primary Beans to deepen the connection to the food we eat and the land it comes from. Primary Beans is proud to showcase lesser-known bean varieties that home cooks crave and that farms are thrilled to grow, facilitating a connection that makes cooking an act of mindful living.

Primary Beans

16-ounce bag

Alubia beans.

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