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Basil Olive Oil

Basil Olive Oil

Made with 100% Arbequina olives, the fruit is pressed with basil by grinding the two together. Pressing the ingredients together creates a fresh flavor and beautiful aroma. The result? A perfect finishing oil for any Mediterranean dish. Try it drizzled over grilled fish or chicken. It would be a stunning addition to Caprese salad or drizzled on an Italian sandwich.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil pressed with basil (10%)

About the maker:
The Molino la Condesa line of olive oils is produced by the same family behind the renowned O-Med oils and vinegars. In this offering, local fresh basil provides an herbaceous, aromatic depth to the oil. The basil nicely highlights the arbequina olive’s inherent grassiness while restraining its fruity character, lending this selection a very distinct character. Its herbal character makes this oil a wonderful standalone dipping condiment for crusty bread, but it can also present a subtly savory twist if incorporated into sweets.

The Garcia-Casas family has been farming olive trees for four generations, gaining widespread acclaim for their extra virgin olive oils. Their Molino oils are harvested just after their slightly pricier monocultivar oils, often incorporating other fruits and herbs grown alongside their arbequina olives in southern Spain. Oils in this style are nicknamed pecaditos, or “little sins”, a lighthearted acknowledgement of the inherent irreverence of adding a secondary ingredient to exceptional quality olive oil.


8.45-ounce glass bottle

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil pressed with basil (10%)

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