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Calabrian Chili Oil

Calabrian Chili Oil

This Calabrian chili oil is the perfect way to add zing to pasta, salad, sandwiches, or risotto. Extra virgin olive oil is infused with chili peppers from Calabria, a region in Southern Italy, where the sunny climate and rich soil lends to a bold, vibrant, and spicy peppery flavor. A staple of Southern Italian cuisine, this infused extra virgin olive oil deserves a spot in your pantry.

About the maker: Tutto Calabria was founded in 1970 by Antonio Celli and his wife Adele Celli and is one of the first companies to produce and market products typical of Calabrian cuisine. The first production plant was built in 1974 and it still serves as the headquarters. Tutto Calabria has long been known for its quality and commitment to authenticity in its celebration of Calabrian food.

Tutto Calabria
Made in Italy

6.76-ounce glass jar

80% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chillies, Salt.

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