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Comapeño Chile Powder

Comapeño Chile Powder

Boonville Barn Collective's comapeño chile powder is made from dried comapeño peppers that are grown, harvested, and dried on their farm in Boonville, California.

This little 1-ounce jar is so special because Boonville is one of–if not the only–farm in the USA that grows these hot little peppers.

This powder definitely has some kick–it's about twice as hot as a cayenne powder but with a complex flavor profile that is hot, citrusy, and a bit acidic. Use it anywhere you want some spice. Try it in your next chili or throw it in your next rub or marinade. It's fiery, complex, and perfect for those who like it a little spicy.

Ingredients: Dried comapeño chiles

About the maker:
Boonville Barn Collective is a woman-owned farm that’s been producing unique chile powders for 10 years in the resource-rich Anderson Valley in Northern California. Piment d’Ville is their signature, California-grown version of the coveted Basque Piment d’Espelette.

Boonville Barn Collective

1-ounce glass jar

Dried comapeño chiles

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