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Black Urfa Chili

Black Urfa Chili

Urfa biber (also known as Urfa chili pepper) is a chili pepper that hails from Urfa, Turkey, and is known for its deep, burgundy color. Food & Wine describes it as having a distinctive “salty-sweet-smoky-sour flavor” and with its irregularly sized flakes, this is a unique spice you need to have in your spice cabinet.

Burlap & Barrel’s Black Urfa Chili is cured in the sun and stone-ground. It is then packed with a touch of salt and sunflower oil to prevent the flakes from drying out. You will notice an oily, somewhat wet residue on the chili flakes which is perfectly normal and enhances the flavor of the chili flakes.

In southeastern Turkey, you can find black Urfa chili flakes on many tables. The flakes are used as a finishing condiment on grilled meats or vegetables. Sprinkle black Urfa chili on pasta or mix into scrambled eggs. Try it with chocolate mousse or sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream.

About the maker: Burlap & Barrel is a leading purveyor of unique, beautiful, and equitably sourced spices. As a Public Benefit Corporation, they partner directly with smallholder farms to end inequality and exploitation in food supply chains.

Burlap & Barrel

1.8-ounce glass jar

Urfa Chili, Sunflower Oil, Salt (.5 grams per jar)

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