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Dry Maple Sugar

Dry Maple Sugar

Dry maple sugar is going to be your new pantry sugar staple. Single-source, pure maple syrup is heated, beaten, and sifted to create the perfect brown sugar substitute.

Use this on the rim of your cocktail glass for your next sweet libation, dry it with citrus zest and salt to make a sweet and salty garnish for fish, or stir it into your next bowl of oatmeal. Use it wherever you would use brown sugar for a delicious maple finish.

Ingredients: Pure Organic Maple Syrup

About the maker:
Mount Cabot Maple is comprised of partners Morgan Hill and Sophie Earll. Morgan, an expert in sugaring, and Sophie, a certified arborist, bring together their passion for maple syrup and commitment to being stewards of the land to create sustainable, single-source, organic maple syrup.

Mount Cabot Maple

6-ounce glass jar

Pure Organic Maple Syrup

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