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Essential Japanese Salt Collection

Essential Japanese Salt Collection

Elevate your Japanese cooking with this collection of fine Japanese sea salts, including the bittersweet Ume Shiso Salt, the bright and citrusy Yuzu Salt, and the spicy Wasabi Salt. Save 20% on the individual salts by buying them in a bundle. 

Japanese snow salt is considered to be the purest sea salt available. The fine granules deliver flavor quickly and more uniformly making this salt an umami bomb. Try this in marinades for seafood or chicken or sprinkled lightly as a finishing salt. Or use it as an alternative in just about any dish that needs a hint of brightness and acidity.

About the maker: Mikuni Wild Harvest is THE purveyor of fine products for some of the most world-renowned chefs, like Tomas Keller. Mikuni provides an array of artisanal, exquisite, and sustainable products with a focus on quality and attention to detail. Mikuni is driven by its commitment to providing high-quality, unique, and sustainable wild food, and these provisions will be unlike anything you've ever tasted before.

Mikuni Wild Harvest

3 1.5-ounce glass jar

Yuzu Salt: Natural Sea Salt, Freeze-Dried Yuzu.
Wasabi Salt: Natural Sea Salt, 100% Momosawa Wasabi Root
Ume Shiso Salt: Natural Sea Salt, Ume Plums, Shiso Leaves.

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