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Green Yuzu Kosho

Green Yuzu Kosho

Kosho is a classic table condiment found throughout Japan made of fresh yuzu zest along with fresh chilies, sea salt, and konbu seaweed. The result? A bright and very spicy flavor profile with just a hint of umami finish. The green yuzu kosho is prepared with green chile peppers and is a bit more tangy and spicy than its red counterpart.

Try this kosho in your marinades or rubs for meat or poultry or stir a small amount into salad dressings, broths, sauces, or soup.

About the maker: Yakami Orchards is located in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan. They consist of a family of growers (some fourth-generation) who uphold the traditions of producing quality citrus products. Located on the island of Kyūshū along Japan's Pacific coastline, the ocean breezes give this region some of the world’s finest citrus, including yuzu, sudachi, and kabosu.

The unique citrus from the Yakami growers is further processed in small production batches, ensuring the quality and consistency of these delectable fruits. Whole fruit production is utilized, capturing the intense aromatic qualities of the zest and the clean, pure flavor of the juice. This production method is why Yakami Orchards' products are coveted by professionals in all food service establishments.

Yakami Orchards

2-ounce glass jar

Fresh Red Chili Pepper, Yuzu Zest, Sea Salt, Kombu, Yeast Extract, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate.

Refrigerate after opening.

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