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Mediterranean Tomato Sauce

Mediterranean Tomato Sauce

This delicious Italian tomato sauce is made from black olives, capers, tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil. A touch of fennel adds aromatic undertones to this versatile sauce. Try it simply tossed with cooked pasta or with grilled chicken or fish.

About the maker: Perché Ci Credo ("Because I Believe It") produces a wide range of sauces and condiments with intense flavors of Southern Italy, specifically Puglia and Salento. Their products contain absolutely no preservatives, additives or colorings, or sugar. This product is imported by Zia Pia imports, a woman-owned boutique importer. They partner with family-owned producers who combine traditional principles of authenticity and flavor with modern innovation and style to create products of the finest quality.

Perché Ci Credo
Made in Italy

11.6-ounce glass jar

78% Tomato, black olives, capers, onion, extra virgin olive oil, fennel, and salt

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