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Known in Arabic as assel eswed, or "black honey," molasses has a rich, slightly caramel-like flavor that makes it a go-to natural sweetener for different dishes and preserves. Use this for your next baking project, drizzle it on oatmeal, or take a little nip straight from the jar. Try it in your next latte or cup of coffee. Dukkan also suggests whipping it with tahini as a luxurious dip for pita or feteer meshaltet, a flaky Egyptian pastry often enjoyed for breakfast.

Made in Egypt.

Ingredients: Sugarcane molasses.

About the maker:
Dukkan means shop (think: your local bodega). The dukkan fosters a sense of community and makes you feel at home — and now, Dukkan wants to bring that sense of community to your kitchen.

Dukkan's products are all about easy-to-use, wholesome ingredients that bring in the authentic flavors of our grandma's cooking straight to your kitchen.

Dukkan Foods

12.3-ounce glass jar

Sugarcane molasses.

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