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Large Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Large Moroccan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In ancient Morocco, farmers were guided by the expression, “from the tree, to the stone, to the table”; And from that tradition, Casablanca Market’s Extra Virgin Moroccan Olive Oil draws heavily, presenting a product that’s something truly special.

And while the stone grinding no longer exists, the philosophy remains the same, as the oil is cold extracted, derived from a single source, never blended like other brands, and is clearly traceable from the trees to your table. Because of that, it’s ultra-low in acidity (less than 0.3%), tastes better, and maintains that wonderful taste and vitality over time.

Made in Morocco.

25.3-ounce glass bottle.

About the maker:
Steeped in years of culture and tradition, Casablanca Market's sauces and condiments are produced with an eco-conscious adherence, and provide our artisans with a stable customer base that they can count on.

Casablanca Market

25.3-ounce glass jar

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed

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