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Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Made with the Beldi Lemon, an indigenous lemon used to make authentically preserved lemons, these Moroccan preserved lemons are mildly sweet and very fragrant. The lemons are grown in Taroudant, South Morocco, and are preserved in just water and sea salt.

Add them to soups, stews, tagines, or cocktails. Try them in your favorite rice dish or as a marinade for chicken or seafood.

Scoop out the pulp and reserve it for use in soups, stews, or purees. Rinse the whole lemon to remove excess salt and then chop up as much of the rind as you need to use in your dish.

Ingredients: Beldi lemons, water, and sea salt.

Refrigerate after opening.

About the maker:
Steeped in years of culture and tradition, Casablanca Market's sauces and condiments are produced with an eco-conscious adherence, and provide our artisans with a stable customer base that they can count on.

Casablanca Market

Large: 23.59-ounce glass jar
Small: 13.05-ounce glass jar

Beldi lemons, water, and sea salt.

Refrigerate after opening.

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