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Also known as black cumin, Nigella is considered a holy ingredient in most of North Africa and the Middle East. Its nutty and onion aromas work beautifully on flatbreads, vegetable spreads, or as a garnish on salads or savory porridge.

Ingredients: Nigella Sativa.

About the maker:
Villa Jerada always has been and always will be a company committed to importing, distributing, and making the highest quality pantry items of the Moroccan and Levantinian repertoire. They hold themselves to the highest standards of small-batch food-making practices, sourcing sustainable, mostly organic products to their packaging to how they distribute their pantry line. Their quality of Moroccan & Levantine has won multiple awards and is unmatched in their celebration of ancestral culinary traditions.

Villa Jerada

3.5-ounce glass jar

Nigella Sativa

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