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Peperoncino e Limone in Polvere (Chili peppers and lemon powder)

Peperoncino e Limone in Polvere (Chili peppers and lemon powder)

A spicy, lemony blend, these dried chili peppers and lemon powder are perfect paired with spaghetti cooked simply in garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Try it on top of your next loaf of focaccia or use it as a base for seafood broths or stews. Try it over fried fish or stir it into extra virgin olive oil as a dipping oil for bread.

Ingredients: Chili peppers, lemon powder.

About the maker:
Boniviri has a mission "eat well, doing good" and puts it into practice by partnering with local farmers to purchase high-quality, sustainable products. Founded in Siciliy by Corrado, Sergio, and Alessandro in 2020, their goal has been focused on protecting the environment by carving out paths of responsible partnerships with farmers and making careful buying decisions in order to reduce their carbon footprint.


20-grams, packaged in a glass jar

Chili peppers, lemon powder.

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