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Shichimi Togarashi

Shichimi Togarashi

Daybreak Seaweed Co. teamed up with the renowned chefs of Soba Ichi in Oakland for a California take on the classic Japanese shichimi togarashi. Also known as 7-spice seasoning, this spicy and addicting blend highlights the rich flavors of red chiles, roasted sesame, citrusy yuzu, and umami-packed West Coast seaweed.

Sprinkle on ramen, soft-boiled eggs, avocado toast, and just about anything that needs a finish of heat and umami.

Shichimi tōgarashi, sometimes called shichimi, is a spice condiment originating in Japan. The word Shichimi translates to seven flavors and tōgarashi translates to chili pepper. In short, it is a spicy pepper blend that has seven flavors that all work harmoniously. If you pick up a bottle of shichimi, it will contain these key ingredients: chili flakes, sesame seeds, and seaweed (nori). As for the remaining ingredients, that depends on the producer. The base of chili flakes, sesame, and seaweed creates a spicy, nutty, umami blend unlike any other spice blend you will ever try.

Daybreak's shichimi-togarashi is is spicy with nutty, toasted undertones.

About the maker: Daybreak Seaweed is a two-woman team bringing seaweed into the everyday kitchen. They partner with regenerative ocean farmers producing the highest quality, sustainably-grown seaweed in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, and turn that seaweed into nutrient-dense, delicious, and nourishing kitchen staples. We’re committed to growing well-being for their customers and community while using their business as a positive force in the grassroots movement for food system transformation.

Daybreak Seaweed Co.

1.9-ounce glass jar

Red Chiles, Sesame, Poppy Seeds, Seaweed (Alaska Wakame), Yuzu, and Orange.

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