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Smoked Olive Oil with Pits

Smoked Olive Oil with Pits

O-med's olive oil is smoked with olive pits creating a harmonious, sweet flavor, giving this finishing oil a delicate touch of vanilla and caramel. O-med uses the full potential of the olive in this unique oil, pressing the Arbequina fruit, smoking the pits, and using the "first winds of smoke" to create a fresh, lightly smoky aroma. Use this as a finishing oil on beef or pork dishes. It would be excellent in marinades for chicken or shrimp. 

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil

About the maker:
O-Med is a small olive mill based in Ácula (Granada). There, they combine a passion for extra virgin olive oil with the work, experience, and traditions of their father, Juan de Dios, so as not to forget the familial roots of the company.

At O-Med, they control all aspects of the production process from the harvest to bottling in the knowledge that this is the only way to guarantee our consumers the finest possible quality.


8.5-ounce ceramic jar

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil

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