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Tagliatelle is the ideal pasta for any rich, meaty sauce and is the pasta that Bolognese sauce is traditionally served with. Its wide shape pairs well with any ragout or hearty sauce. Prepared in accordance with Campofilone traditions, this egg pasta is prepared with eggs from free-range hens and durum wheat sourced in Italy. It takes only three minutes to cook in boiling water and pairs well with a garlic butter sauce.

You'll love the bouncy, light texture and the quick cooking time of this pasta.

The packaging is 100% recyclable.

About the maker:

The Marcozzi family is one of the 7 original families still producing egg pasta according to the Campofilone tradition. This pasta is imported by Zia Pia imports, a woman-owned boutique importer. They partner with family-owned producers who combine traditional principles of authenticity and flavor with modern innovation and style to create products of the finest quality.

Antica Pasta di Campofilone
Made in Italy

8.8 ounces

Durum Wheat Semolina, Eggs.

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