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Yuzu Miso

Yuzu Miso

This lighter style Yuzu White Miso is aged 3 months, allowing the floral aroma and bright, semi-tart yuzu flavor to stand out. Use this as a base for miso soup, ramen, or try it in fried rice or upgrade your morning routine with yuzu miso scrambled eggs. 

About the maker: Namikura Miso Co is a family-owned, 5th-generation producer that is highly regarded throughout Japan for its incredible depth of flavor and superb texture. The family prides themselves on being involved in every level of production, from hand selecting local ingredients all the way through to packaging.

Namikura Miso Co.

5.65-ounce glass jar

Organic White Rice Koji, Organic Whole Soybeans, Yuzu Fruit, Yuzu Zest, Water, Sea Salt.

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