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Zibibbo Grape Elixir

Zibibbo Grape Elixir

A truly unique product! Zibibbo is the name of a grape variety and the sweet wine the grapes later become. The vine of Zibibbo–which is the pride of the volcanic island of Pantelleria–was included in the prestigious list of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by a unanimous vote of 161 countries in the General Assembly of UNESCO in 2014. That's how special these grapes are. Centuries-long tradition and a heroic feat of viticulture involve digging holes into the ground to protect the vines from the wind.

Kazzen follows the ancient Pantesche technique of cooking the juice of the Zibibbo grape down into a thick syrup. This grape elixir is a perfect honey or maple syrup substitute for when you want the unique flavor of the Zibibbo grape. It's very sweet and fruity. Use it in sauces or drizzle on toast with fruit or over ice cream. 

Ingredients: Zibibbo grape juice, sugar.

About the maker: Kazzen was founded in 2004 by the D'Ancona brothers with the mission to develop and conserve the native capers and agriculture of their home, the island of Pantelleria. They use their family land to cultivate and produce their award-winning products. In 2005 they won their first flavor award with their Pesto Pantesco, and have continued to win awards and be recognized for their typical products. Still using only manual production methods, Kazzen is a small family company dedicated to preserving the traditional flavors of their island. This product is imported by Zia Pia imports, a woman-owned boutique importer. They partner with family-owned producers who combine traditional principles of authenticity and flavor with modern innovation and style to create products of the finest quality.

Made in Italy

8.1-ounce glass jar

Zibibbo grape juice, sugar.

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